Marques-Harris“Dr Martin Choy is one of the best chiropractors I have worked with in the past 3 years. He has a way of listening to what I need and then he is able to fix and work on my needs. I love that he does not just adjust me but also he does the Active Release Technique, which is very important for recovery in my sport. I give Martin a lot of credit for keeping me on the field and able to perform at a high level every Sunday”.

Thanks Martin
Marques Harris, Former San Diego Charger





Mike-Alfred“Running a 50 or 100 mile race takes a serious toll on the body. The training leading up to a race isn’t much easier. My typical weekend run ranges from 25-45 miles. There is no way I could keep up this workload without the help of Dr. Martin Choy. I visit with Dr. Choy regularly to work through the various muscular strains, adhesions, and imbalances that are a normal part of the ultra marathon lifestyle. Over time, Martin has earned my trust and become a good friend in the process. If you are serious about being successful in your sport of choice, I highly recommend Dr. Choy.”

Mike Alfred
Ultra/Extreme Marathon Runner



April McLeod“I came to Dr. Choy after almost a year of constant pain in my neck, shoulders and back.  I had to deal with headaches and muscle spasms regularly.  After 3 months of regular treatment with Dr. Choy I not only have been freed from the headaches and spasms but I am now able to work to improve my body on a higher level.  I am a professional ballet dancer and have been since the age of 14.  I have battled with tightness and tension in my muscles for years.  Ballet is a very precise training of every muscle in your body, because of my posture and tension I was hitting a wall in my training.  I felt there was no hope for my body to improve. Dr. Choy’s treatment has helped me find new levels of my dance training.   I no longer feel that I have to settle for a body that is not working and improving.  I recommend Dr. Choy not only for the major pains that get in the way of life but also for athletes professional or amateur that have a desire to improve the body for their craft.”

ballerinaThank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April McLeod – Baker
Professional Ballerina